8 ways to stay beautiful while having kids


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This has been my favorite blog to write since I’ll be talking about my life and my struggle to keep a minimum standard of beauty care 😊. I’m a mother of two, Natalie 5 and John 2, AND I’m an entrepreneur, AND living in Dubai, where beauty perfection is an understatement, which adds more stress to the whole motherhood equation!!!

Therefore, we will be talking about 8 easy steps to take care of yourself, even if you’re busy with kids!

  1. Stay moisturized!! Applying moisturizer won’t take more than a minute. At the end of the day or after taking a shower, I found the easiest way to keep your skin soft is too keep a bottle of baby oil or coconut oil next to your bed. It’s easy and quick to apply.
  1. Beauty wipes: Whenever you’re too busy to stick to your beauty routine. Beauty wipes to the rescue! Remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize, just use 3-in-1 beauty wipes. You can even keep up with your beauty routine with exfoliating wipes.
  1. Set realistic goals. Some mornings are just crazy, and you won’t have time or clarity of mind to stick to your morning beauty routine. For days like these, just make sure your moisturizer has SPF of minimum 15, so you can moisturize and protect at the same time. Keep in mind, sun damage is the worst. For even better and quicker result, choose a tinted moisturizer with SPF for coverage, protection and moisture.
  1. Eat well!! Between drop off, grocery shopping, house chores, cooking and pick up, you might find it difficult to keep up with good eating habits! What I found useful is to prepare healthy snacks in advance, just a cup of cut fruits cubes and vegetable sticks, a pack of raw nuts, yogurt and fresh juices instead of soda, and of course, the beauty experts’ all-time advice, stay hydrated!
  1. Make the best of your exercise time to take care of your hair and skin too. If you exercise at home, apply your face mask and hair oil while you exercise. If you exercise in public, plan to finish some home chores after you exercise and apply your face mask and hair oil while finishing the chores and before taking a shower. Because a healthy you is a happy you! Choose the type of exercise you want! If finding time to exercise away from the kids seems impossible, just engage your kids and make it a fun, quality time with them.
  1. Know your preferences: favorite time of the day, kids are sleeping. It’s your free time! Choose a couple of things that reenergize you for the next day. Outing with friends, shower, order some good food, listen to good music and dance or just sleep early 😊. Just choose a couple of things and spread them out across the week to help you keep your smile on!!!
  1. Enjoy the new technology of the permanent beauty treatments, permanent makeup tattoos (eye brow, lip liner, eyeliner, etc.), eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyelash extension, anti-frizz treatments for silky hair, laser hair removal, Gelish manicure and pedicure and other permanent hair treatments.
  1. Your weekly guilt-free beauty appointment is only a click away. Just book a Bellalist appointment to spoil yourself with a blow-dry, hair removal services, nail services or makeup appointment without leaving your house, and while spending time with your valuable kids.

Always remember, feeling good about yourself is never a luxury; it’s a necessity that will give you the energy to keep up. Stay Bella ladies 😊


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