Does looking good make you feel good:



I personally believe in this correlation; I feel better when I spend time taking care of my look. I’ve always mentioned it on Bellalist posts, blogs and it’s even mentioned in Bellalist’s emails.  Do you remember how it feels after you get groomed? Or when you wear your favorite shoes and outfit? But is it psychologically true?

Do your looks affect only your feelings or is it more than...

Why do we have to moisturize?


Since almost every skin care beauty blog or article talks about the benefits of moisturizing the skin, I thought it will be good to understand the importance of it.

Our skin consists of 3 layers, the outer layer (epidermis), middle layer (dermis), and lower layer (hypodermis).1

The hypodermis consists of fat, nerves and blood vessels. Above this layer, the dermis consists of nerves, blood vessels, hair shafts and sebaceous glands, it is the sebaceous glands that gives the oily texture of the skin. The epidermis layer...

8 ways to stay beautiful while having kids


Third blog

This has been my favorite blog to write since I’ll be talking about my life and my struggle to keep a minimum standard of beauty care 😊. I’m a mother of two, Natalie 5 and John 2, AND I’m an entrepreneur, AND living in Dubai, where beauty perfection is an understatement, which adds more stress to the whole motherhood equation!!!

Therefore, we will be talking about 8 easy steps to take care of yourself, even if you’re busy with kids!

  1. Stay moisturized!! Applying moisturizer won’t take more than a minute. At the end of the...

Best 7 steps to skin care during hot humid weather.

beaches-of-DubaiWe all love living in Dubai, especially the beach life, the fantastic outings and luxurious malls. And since we live in hot and humid weather and are exposed to air-conditioner most of the year, our hair and skin need special attention.

So what do you do? We’ve outlined skin beauty routines to follow during summer months:

  1. Cleanse: Hot and humid weather can cause the skin to sweat, leaving the skin more likely to suffer from break out, especially for oily skin. Using a cleanser that contains Salicylic acid...

Best dry hair home remedies to overcome humid weather:


Have you ever experienced frizzy, puffy hair in humid weather!!! Have you ever wanted to shave your hair off during humid weather!!! Do you feel like every day is bad hair day in humid weather!!! Before talking about the best hair care routine, let’s understand why straight hair goes wavy, and wavy or curly hair goes frizzy and puffy!!!

If you’re like me, you freaking love science, but only if it’s explained well. 😊 So here we go: Humid air causes hydrogen bonds to form between water molecules and the protein...